Stop the hourglass of time, let yourself be carried away in a whirlwind of sweetness and sensuality. Fantasia-x opens the doors of its universe to you, a true oasis of peace where harmony and elegance unite, it opens the doors of well-being and plenitude to you.

Our hostesses carefully selected to satisfy a most demanding clientele, provide you with quality service and will not only be your guides on the path to ecstasy but also the guarantors of your well-being. The role of Fantasia-x is to provide you with a luxury space where cleanliness and hygiene are essential. Managing professionally, you will receive a warm welcome each time you visit.


Allow your body some rest, let stress escape your body and recover your openness. Discover the tantric massage, have your head in the clouds and just let go.

“Eros” linked to the worship of the intoxication of love and joy, it designates everything that recalls the physical love and gives an intention of freedom in the naughty games.

Two ladies for u ! You will stare your eyes out with this naughty and exciting 4 hands massage. You will be in seventh heaven.

Couple massage is a time of sharing and love for each other. When you practice a massage as a couple, you offer your couple a moment of intense and sincere sharing.

Fantasia X tantric massage salon
Peru avenue, 1000 Brussels

+32 (0) 470 65 50 36
+32 (0) 471 83 14 44

Opening Hours
Monday-Friday: 10h00-18h00
Saturday: 12h00-18h00
Sunday: 13h00- 20h00
payment in cash and credit card

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